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Photography competition in Spain


“Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor”

The Erasmus+ Team is challenging all students who take part in the Erasmus+ project to a photography competition. Participants will be required to photograph around our theme " Work" and submit their photographs to your contact teacher via email by 10tht April 2016.
Two winning photographs from each school involved in the project will be selected and used to produce a calendar.

To take part, see submission details on the right and consider the available categories.

Besides the pictorial quality of the photograph and its originality, the jury will also take into account the message your photograph tries to convey.

Your photographs should belong to the following 5 categories which can be either black & white or colour photographs :

  • Portraits

  • Hands

  • Work places

  • Tools

  • Work clothes

Submission Details
Your submissions should be emailed as an attachment in jpeg format and each photograph should be taken on a digital camera with at least 6 mega pixels. Each file should be named with your name plus the title of the photograph.

Your email should include the following information :
• Your name.
• Title of photograph.
• When it was shot (date, morning, afternoon...).
• Where it was shot.
• Why you chose to shoot this photograph.

The above information should be repeated for each entry. Multiple entries should be submitted in one email to your contact teacher.
M. Gailmain :
M. Grannec :

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