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Istituto Istruzione Superiore "E. Fermi"


The I.I.S. "E: FERMI" is located on the outskirts of the city and is one of the most advanced educational facilities throughout Sicily.
The geographical environment and socio-economic development is very uneven, with the majority of agricultural activity related to trade of fruit and vegetables, fisheries, services, tourism and handicrafts, small and medium industry. The area offers opportunities for work and employment to our graduates, who are qualified and open to technological innovations and international relations.

The Institute is attended not only by students living in the city, but also from students coming from towns and municipalities close to Vittoria. Today, our school has 35 classes, 100 teachers, with more than 800 pupils and divided into several courses:
"Administration, Finance and Marketing",
"Business Information Systems",
"Construction, Environment and Territory"
"Agrarian sector"                                                                          
"Administration, Finance and Marketing", course for adult learners (Sirius Project)

For  several years our Institute has carried out some activities  that will definitely be relevant for this project:
- Internships in Italian companies and abroad;
- Studies about the contribution that technology has in the field of teaching methodology;
- Practical training in professional offices, public and private agencies, in marketing and software houses.
- International Clil courses about teaching methods;
- Laboratory projects about technological innovations in the field of ICT and network;
- Recovery activities for students that had abandoned compulsory school with courses in photography, acting, screenwriting, editing
- Laboratory activities with the use of innovative learning tools such as networked schools;
- Construction and management of blogs and Web-sites.

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