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November 2015
Italy Website


26th October
Creation of Facebook page "JobTrotter"

March 2016
Spanish video about their trip to Sicily

31st March 2016
Article on Turkish National Education website

IT TV report about "JobTrotter" in Sicily

Feb. 2016
FR/GR Open Day French-German High School
Presentation of project

SP Spanish article about Erasmus visit in Las Rozas

18-4-16: GR/FR Saarbrücker Zeitung, article about Erasmus

12-4-16 Article about Sicily trip French German High School website

10/15: SP, article on school website

10/15: BG, Bulgarian article on school website

21/10/15 IT, School webside

Vittoria, Article about first teacher meeting in Saarbrücken

20/10/15: School website Madrid. Article about first teacher meeting in Saarbrücken, Germany

15/10/15: Press release "Saarbrücker Zeitung"

11/10/15: Press release "Le Républicain Lorrain"

Article on school website in Madrid

JobTrotter meeting in Montana-local TV

november 2016
video Jobtrotter in Montana 07-11/11/16

article webside

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